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POSITION PROFILE AND PURPOSE: To be a highly valued assistant broker

JOB/DUTY DESCRIPTION: Will be provided by client at interview but in essence:- ensuring that the current insurance and risk management needs of portfolio of clients are fully met to the satisfaction of the clients; maintain a sound knowledge of clients' industries, businesses and risks; develop and maintain close working relationships with clients and relevant members of client's staff; develop with colleagues and insurers, recommendations and options to adequately and cost-effectively meet clients insurance needs; present recommendations and options to clients and to agree and receive instructions on their implementation; prepare and execute policy documentation implementing clients' instructions; prepare and provide clients with manuals of insurance and insurance schedules; invoice clients and ensure collection of premiums; ensure timely and favourable settlement of claims; keep clients appropriately informed of all matters related to their insurance; ensure compliance with statutory requirements, industry and other relevant codes of practice; contribute as required to the acquisition of new business; establish and maintain a relevant network of business contacts; develop and maintain an appropriate knowledge of the market; ensure compliance with all relevant statutory and industry requirements and codes; keep management and other informed appropriately and as required about his/her work; contribute as required to the development of clients revenue budgets and to monitor and achieve the budgets that are set; any and all other duties.

Phone: Perth

Western Australia

Job Description
Employment type: Full-time
Preferred experience:

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: Previous experience in a similar role is essential.

EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS: Tier 1 essential - any further professional qualification looked upon favourably.

SOFTWARE KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: Microsoft office and insurance broking software.

POSITION CREATED/VACATED: Created through growth.

PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Good in due course, depending on growth and changes within the organisation.

HOURS: Family flexible hours and location. Work from home.

ORGANISATION PROFILE DETAILS: Small broker part of a larger group

To apply submit your resume via this advert [in MS word or OCR readable PDF] or ring us on 9325 5500.

We take this opportunity to thank you for considering this vacancy and for any time and effort invested if you apply.

Application – After you apply if the content in your resume matches and & all job requirements we will carry out a phone interview with you covering matters such as the reason you left previous jobs, job content, money, notice period, any prebooked leave, etc.

Shortlisting – If you are shortlisted for the role we will disclose the client and further job details; your resume will be forwarded to them; and a confirmation and recruitment brief emailed to you.

Interviews – If the client wants to meet you we will arrange an interview with us and then them. Our interviews take approximately 20 minutes and are structured. We do not usually "test" at first round interviews.

Reference checks – Are carried out prior to offer. We will require two supervisor/manager referees.

Notifications – If you have been unsuccessful at any stage, you will be notified that day via email. A recruit may take days or months; the timeline is outside our control. We endeavour to provide feedback regularly.

  • Most organisations/candidates use more than one agency, so you will likely be spoken to about the same job more than once, please let us know if this is the case.
  • We will always ask your permission before sending your resume to a client.
  • We will always email you confirmation of your authority to submit a resume, and a job description and/or job snapshot.
  • We advertise our vacancies every few days or until they are filled.
  • Agencies and client organisations have a "reservation period" regarding candidate referrals and fees, this is normally 12 months after the referral of a candidate to a role.
Suite 160 Level 3 Equus
580 Hay Street
Perth WA 6001
Phone 08 9325 5500 
Fax 08 9325 5600



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